In Tall Buildings – Gregory Alan Isakov
So goodbye to the sunshine / goodbye to the dew / goodbye to the flowers / and goodbye to you

Alaska – Maggie Rogers
And now, breathe deep, I’m inhaling / You and I there’s air in between

Nightmares – Josh Ritter
Nightmares have their dreams as well / And when they sleep they go to hell

10 of my favorite OPM lyrics

The following are by no means the best of the best of the best. And I am also by no means an expert on OPM.

It actually saddens me how, as I was writing this list, I realized that I barely listen to OPM anymore. In fact, aside from the releases of Viva Records, Star Music, and a few independent hip-hop labels, I know zero recent songs that are written in Filipino or—for those who are not as pedantic about the language vs. dialect distinction—Tagalog.

So the following lyrics are from old Filipino favorites. I considered including songs written in English but eventually decided against it.

Not all of the songs in this list are about romance, but they’re all about love in varying intensities. And if you have Filipino music recommendations, you’re more than welcome to enlighten my ignorant, overseas ass.

1. Palayain ang isa’t isa / Kung tayo, tayo talaga


Session Road’s “Cool Off” should really be in one of those #hugot playlists which are mostly laden with ballads or pogi rock sludge. Since when did it become cool to openly admit liking Cueshe anyway?

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Song Challenge*

1. The last song you listened to: Starlight – Muse
2. Last song you purchased: All songs from The Lucksmiths’ Staring at the Sky EP
3. Song you discovered on youtube/tumblr: Go Slow – Haim
4. Favourite Soundtrack piece: Kaneda’s Death – John Murphy
5. Favourite Band: Eraserheads
6. Favourite Solo Artist: Joni Mitchell
7. Favourite Album: Blue by Joni Mitchell
8. Best Live Gig OR Act you want to see live: The Flaming Lips
9. Guilty Pleasure Song: Stitches – Shawn Mendes
10. Song you used to hate but you now like:
11. Song you used to love but now can’t stand:
12. Group you wish had never split: Eraserheads
13. Favourite song from a video game:
14. Favourite song from a film:  A Real Hero – College & Electric Youth
15. Favourite song from an advert:
16. Song you grew up with: All Out of Love – Air Supply
17. First song/album you ever bought: Color It Red’s The Best of Color It Red
18. Album you found accidentally and love: Dum Dum Girls’ I Will Be
19. Favourite foreign language song: Ii Jikan (Good Times) – EVISBEATS
20. A song from the year you were born:
21. Song from your favourite music genre: My Favourite Book – Stars
22. Most Over-rated song:
23. Song you would recommend to everyone: Seasons of Love – Cast of Rent, the musical
24. Song that reminds you of a specific event: Kalipay – Pinikpikan
25. Song you can’t help but sing along to: All I Ask – Adele
26. Favourite parody song:
27. Favourite slow song: Here, There and Everywhere – The Beatles
28. Favourite fast song: Soundcheck – The Out of Body Special
29. Favourite song at the moment: Budapest – George Ezra
30. All time favourite song: A Case of You – Joni Mitchell

*I got this from Angel over at Ligaw na Kerubin.