Do me a favor, babe. Please change your hairstyle. Pretty please? Thank you. Love you.


1. My boy Griezmann is a pretty, pretty lad but he needs to get rid of his shitty hairstyle — blonde bigotilyo? Ugh!

2. Barça inched past Atleti on the first leg of the Copa quarterfinals, 1-0. Hope they get more goals in the second leg next week. Bagging a win against Atleti pretty much secures them the Copa trophy. Kilig!

3. I have a Math unit exam tomorrow. I think I’m ready but I need more practice. Tonight is the night for more practice.

4. I may have been chewing really loud when I entered the Physics classroom while munching a Kitkat bar this afternoon. John slowly turned his head and sneaked a glance. I hope he’d do that more often.

5. I’m 1/3 done with A Brief History of Time. Next will be Locke and Key, the comics. After that, hopefully fantasy or science fiction. Name of the Wind? I, Robot? Something like those.



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