Be Good Jolens

1. I was driving out of a parking lot, when my car’s tires decided not to grip onto the snow right away—even tho I hit the breaks early!—and wait ’til I was about three inches away from a moving bus on the main road. I almost hit the motherfucker, and “Waiting Around To Die” was playing, and my brother was on the passenger seat and phew, I’m just glad I’m still here and I didn’t scratch the car. Hoooo.

2. I was having a “throwback” conversation with my mom and two brothers a few minutes ago. Childhood shit were brought up, like the time I literally ate shit (yes, the fecal matter) when I was a baby (mom said she was disgusted, while paps was laughing his ass off).

Chimp also mentioned that one time when I almost passed out in the middle of a huge DVD tiangge back home. A street vendor took me to the side and gave me barbecue for free. I “regained” my strength, offered money to pay for the food the lady gave me, but she kindly declined and told me and Chimp to just ride the jeep home. I totally forgot about that. Mom said she wanted to find that lady and give her something in return. “Parang Wish Ko Lang,” Benigno told her. That was funny.

3. I tend to remember the horrible things people have done, or said, but memories of the “good stuff” rarely stay. I should change that. Good vibes, good vibes.


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